Friday, October 9, 2015

Check out Nerdy Book Club!

Hey there, Wise and Witty Writers!

Check out this awesome blog that I've been LOVING!  If you need a book recommendation, these ones come from the best of the best--real teachers and real students.  I would recommend that you not only click on it, but also FOLLOW it via e-mail so that you get e-mailed every time someone posts a new entry.

Happy Reading, and Happy Reading ABOUT Reading!
Miss Whitman

Friday, September 25, 2015


Welcome, friends, to this very special blog, which belongs not so much to me as to my very awesome students!

This blog is a place for my amazing seventh graders to get their writing out into the world...because why stop at the classroom?  Today's teenagers are the voices of the future, and my darling cherubs have much to say!

So drop by anytime! And feel free to stay awhile!  There is great writing to be found here!

Much love,
Miss Whitman